TVPX 1031 Exchange Co (TVPX) is a nationally recognized Qualified Intermediary firm that can help you understand the 1031 exchange process from start to finish and develop and implement a 1031 exchange transaction structure based on your particular situation.  From simple straightforward exchanges to complex reverse exchanges, TVPX’s team has the expertise you need to successfully complete a 1031 Exchange.

Our process starts with an initial phone consultation to understand the facts surrounding your situation.  We will focus on the types of assets involved in the transaction, the timing of the sales and purchases, financing considerations, and other tax issues that may have an impact on your transaction.

Once we have a clear picture, we will discuss with you the various 1031 Exchange structures that you may employ to complete your transaction, and the pros and cons of one structure versus another.  You will then be in a position to make educated decisions on what works best for you.  If we feel that your transaction doesn’t make sense for one reason or another, we will be the first to tell you.

TVPX specializes in aircraft, real estate, oil and gas, and other types of personal property 1031 exchanges.


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