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1031 Exchange Specialists
TVPX 1031 Exchange Co. (TVPX) is a nationally-recognized leader in 1031 exchange services. The experienced professionals at TVPX work closely with US taxpayers and their advisers to explain the 1031 process and implement the structure and documentation that are best suited to their particular circumstances. From simple forward exchanges to complex reverse exchanges, TVPX’s team has the expertise taxpayers need to handle exchanges of aircraft, real estate, oil and gas interests, and other types of property and to maximize their tax benefits.


*Information on TVPX’s website is intended to be general in nature and does not reflect all applicable rules and interpretations. Nothing on TVPX’s website should be relied on as tax advice. Taxpayers should seek their own tax advice from a qualified professional before commencing any transaction that is intended to be part of a 1031 exchange.