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The TVPX group of companies provide Owner Trust Services through TVPX Aircraft Solutions, Inc. Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarding, and DAR support services through TVPX, Inc., and Aviation Insurance Services through TVPX Aviation Insurance, Inc. to the business and commercial fixed-wing and rotor-wing aviation industries.

Over the years, we have published several white papers and articles on the topics listed below. We hope this resource is valuable for you and your clients and have provided them here for you to download. We look forward to speaking with you about your specific needs.

Corporate Trustee Services:

  1. Non-Citizen Trusts (NCT) for FAA N Registry
  2. Aircraft Owner Trusts Uses
  3. Hiring a Successor Trustee

Customs Brokerage:

  1. Aircraft Import
  2. Aircraft Export


Non-Citizen Trusts (NCT) for FAA N Registry

Aircraft Owner Trust Uses

Customs Brokerage - Aircraft Import and Export

TVPX Privacy Trusts

Hiring a Successor Trustee