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Lacey M. Perna

Vice President & SecretaryConcord, MA

Lacey is a Vice President of the TVPX companies. Lacey joined TVPX as a Transaction Coordinator in 2005. She immediately contributed to TVPX’s business by systematizing the company’s processes and documentation, which allowed TVPX to vastly expand its efficiency and accuracy. Lacey also assumed the primary responsibility of managing aircraft closings for TVPX and is recognized as an expert in the business aircraft industry.

Lacey has been instrumental in the development and growth of TVPX’s owner trust, customs brokerage, aviation insurance and yacht escrow businesses. Lacey also manages insurance and due diligence compliance for TVPX’s owner trust portfolio and processes entries and exports of aircraft for TVPX’s customs business. Lacey has made presentations on various topics to major aircraft manufacturers and other aircraft professionals.